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Fragrance-Free Nail Care
This page shows the fragrance-free nail care we carry. If you cannot wear nail polish because you are sensitive to polish, you can still have manicured nails by using the ELON Nail Care System on this page.

What Is Fragrance Free?
Fragrance free is an unregulated term. Usually (and at this site), it means the product has no ingredients added solely to give it a fragrance.

All products have some odor from the base materials of the product. Especially if the product contains essential oils (for example, lavender), it may have a distinct floral, herbal, or citrus odor and still be labeled "fragrance free." Check the View Ingredients & Fragrance link for each product for this information.

Companies may also use masking fragrances in fragrance-free products. Click here for more information.

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Fragrance Free Nail Care

V: Vegan      FF: Fragrance Free      GF: Gluten Free
All items at White Rabbit Beauty are vegetarian, and most are vegan. Here is a list of items that are NOT vegan.
ELON Barrier Protectant, 2 oz . Click for additional product information.

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