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ELON Essentials

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From the ELON marketing material: "Naturally rebuilds nails that split, peel, crack, are brittle, dry, have ridges. This lanolin-rich cream moisturizes the nails and cuticles immediately. The splits and cracks will slowly grow out as a stronger and healthier nail grows in with the nail conditioner. Formaldehyde Free."

Pink or black packaging? ELON used to have pink packaging for nail conditioners sold through retail stores like White Rabbit. ELON now uses its standard black packaging for all nail conditioners regardless of where they are sold. We purchase the nail conditioner directly from ELON, so you can be assured you are getting new stock.

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Massage a small amount of cream thoroughly into the entire nail and cuticle area.

  • For problem nails: Apply 4 times daily to the natural nail.
  • For mild conditions: Apply 2 - 4 times daily to the natural nail.
  • To maintain healthy nails: Apply once or twice daily to the natural nail.

Note: Nails take 6 months (3 tubes) to grow out and therefore will take the same amount of time to notice optimum results. For best results use on bare nail (no polish).
Fragrance: Herbal, eucalyptus-like
Texture: Thick, waxy cream
Ingredients: Lanolin, petrolatum, beeswax, sodium borate, oxyquinoline, aromatics.

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